A ragtag group of mostly gray haired pseudo musicians having fun.
Back: Carol Glover, Banks Glover, Cathy Wright, David Philips, Kevin Gilmore, David Kinrade.
Front: Laurie Pope, Lamar Wright, Steve Swope
Members of SEBA (South East Bluegrass Association).

The Straynotes are a bluegrass/gospel band from Newnan, Ga. The original band was formed more than 20 years ago as a small family band – a mother, three daughters, two brothers in-law, and a family friend.

After Mama’s death, the band fell apart for a while. Then in 2018, the girls attended a bluegrass workshop and met some friends there who eagerly joined in to recreate the band. The band now consists of three banjos, two guitars, a bass, a mandolin and a fiddle. Their repertoire consists of some bluegrass, some country and a lot of old gospel.

Unlike Mama and the girls, the guys could actually play instruments! With some help and encouragement, the girls chose instruments and began to play along. After a while, they were even able to sing and play at the same time. This band eventually produced a tolerable sound and performed often all over the state of Georgia.